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About Us

The founders of New Day Life believe that in order for the treatment of addiction to be effective it must be holistic. In addiction to the treatment of the primary illness of chemical , dependency or substance abuse it must also address the psychological and social behaviors, which precipitate substance abuse and are exacerbated by prolonged, chronic use. The overt manifestation of addiction, is characterized not only by compulsive use of mind altering and/or mood changing chemicals but is also associated with other self-destructive interpersonal and interpersonal patterns of behavior. Long-term recovery is dependent upon changing these self-destructive behaviors.

Addiction is progressive. Left untreated, an addict's physical and psychological dependence upon their drug of choice continues to escalate. The negative impact upon an individual's physical and mental health increases as substance abuse escalates. The potential outcome of untreated addiction is incarceration, impairment of physical and/or mental health and in extreme cases, death.
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